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DIY AeroCloner

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What does it do?

plants are weird in that they get CO2 above ground and O2 below ground. the way aeroponics works, you keep the plant roots suspended in air and pump water and nutrients through sprinklers to keep constantly feeding, aerating and watering the plants. this setup is for cutting branches on a mother plant and stimulating them to grow roots.

let's say you grow four tomato plants, and one of them is just amazing. what you can do is cut 6" length sections of branches off, stick them in this cloner, and they will eventually be able to grow roots and be planted as separate plants. you can only clone an individual plant so many times before it starts to degrade, but I have heard of plants that were cloned 15 generations before getting old. basically, cloning is a way to extend the life span of annual plants.

the technique was perfected by the marijuana community, but it is respected and practiced by gardeners of every kind around the world.


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