How To: Build a Redneck Kayak Out of PVC and Duct Tape

Build a Redneck Kayak Out of PVC and Duct Tape

The thing about building your own stuff is that it's incredibly satisfying. There's just something about taking the time and dedication to construct something beautiful out of virtually nothing but the necessities.

Another reason we build things is because it's cheaper. We've already shown you how to build a $50 PVC canoe, so isn't it only natural that we show you how to build a $60 PVC kayak?

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With the use of PVC pipes, Instructables user hellokeller was able to build a strong yet lightweight kayak.

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He used lots of duct tape to put the kayak together (2 whole rolls, to be exact), and covered it all up with a blue tarp.

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Add a piece of plywood and a cushion for comfort, and to raise your body to make it easier to paddle. Now, just attach two pieces of wood to a long PVC pipe for an oar and you're golden!

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If you're worried about how this contraption will hold up, hellokeller said his fell off the back of his truck twice on the way to the lake and just needed a little patching on the tarp.

Still, you should definitely wear a life jacket if you plan on taking this baby more than a few feet from shore. Better safe than sorry!

Check out hellokeller's tutorial for more details and photos.

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