News: PVC Pipe Pedal-Powered Porsche

PVC Pipe Pedal-Powered Porsche

Now how's that for alliteration? WOO! Anyway, this has already made the rounds, but if you haven't seen it yet, check this out. When you take a low-slung four wheel bike frame, a crap load of PVC pipe, miles of duct tape and about 1,000 hours, you, too can drive a Porsche without the high insurance payments.

Oh, yeah, it doesn't hurt to have super talented art maniac (Hannes Langeder) around to really make it happen.

PVC Pipe Pedal-Powered Porsche

Here we see said maniac, er, genius, with the chassis for this wonderful creation.

PVC Pipe Pedal-Powered Porsche

After a whole lot of bending, gluing and taping, he came out with this wonderful wireframe. It looks like the polygon layout for a CG Model. This guy is freakin' serious.

PVC Pipe Pedal-Powered Porsche

The final product is amazing....

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I've seen this... what an insane project. More photos here -

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