News: DIY Star Trek Mailbox Made with PVC

DIY Star Trek Mailbox Made with PVC

This is definitely the work of a Trekkie.

Reddit user ModXMV shared the below image of his uncle's new homemade Star Trek mailbox. It's constructed of different-sized PVC pipe, a plastic dish container, wood, lights, etc. It even has a solar panel attached so it can light up at night (which sadly there is no image of). But hopefully this Starfleet mailbox vessel has a built-in deflector shield to keep all the high school mailbox smashers away (or at least the junk mail). And if you're wondering, the USPS on this Mailbox Enterprise stands for United States Postal Service.

DIY Star Trek Mailbox Made with PVC

This got me wondering how many other DIY mailboxes out there use PVC.

With a quick search, I found that a Star Wars fan actually beat the Trekkie's "Stardate" to the intergalactic mailbox race. Craig Smith built his X-Wing Starfighter mailbox a long time ago from wood and PVC pipe. It somehow survived vandalism (probably because it's not close to the street), but fell victim to the weather and needed some repair work and repainting.

DIY Star Trek Mailbox Made with PVC

I wonder what would happen if these two space vessels ended up on the same street?

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Thats epic!

Yep, that's pretty darn cool.

if those two mail boxes ended up on the same street, the whole neighborhood better hope that at least one of them is a fan of both. if not, they can expect epic space battles up and down the block (from the star wars guy, of course. the star trek guy would be killing the star wars guy with hours of dull dialogue and minute details of episodes that no one but trekkies have any idea about)

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