News: PVC Skein Winder

PVC Skein Winder

This goes through to a how-to on how to make a skein winder.  For the uninitiated, a skein is the default unit of thread, and it's that windy log that yarn comes in as well.  With this snappy tool, you can wind your own skeins as well.  If you combine that with the newspaper into yarn concept, you can make your own yarn and wind your own skeins when you're done.

PVC Skein Winder

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nice. you could use it for this one —

i am glad i found you guys the projects are cooooool really cool from making solar cells wind turbines to skien win ders to spinning wheels alll vbeery cooool thanks

where are the instructions? I just see a photo & that's all

Could you please share with us the tutorial including measures? I am a hobby knitter and would like to budild one. Maybe with a foot powered pedal? Thank you.

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