News: Serious Freakin' DIY Squirt Gun

Serious Freakin' DIY Squirt Gun

OK, most of us remember the Super Soaker series of squirt guns. Probably all of us. What I didn't really know is that there are hardcore enthusiasts out there who have taken the whole thing to another level. 

Serious Freakin' DIY Squirt Gun

Ben of Super Soaker Central made something legendary in the world of squirt guns, so today I share it with you. This isn't a complete how-to, but he does explain some important principles so that you can build your own.

Serious Freakin' DIY Squirt Gun

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The look on that guy's face just scares me.

You just added another project to my list! That's 2 in one week.

You consistently manage to amaze me with all of these PVC projects. Very impressive!

Nice find. That guy's expression is pretty intense. I wish there was a video ....

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