News: PVC Pipe Easel - Self Explanatory

PVC Pipe Easel - Self Explanatory

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It would be helpful if there are measurements included.

in the pvc project world, everything is scalable. the best plans are general principles that can be applied in many different sizes with roughly the same results. if you like to work on things in the range of 16"x20", and if you like to work on canvas, you'll be building a smaller, lighter easel than if you're doing 4'x8' sheets of drywall. the principle and basic construction are the same, but you'll choose different pipe gauges and cut lengths based on the size and weight of the media you're working with.

in the future, i'll do a lot more in-depth tutorials on how to make different things. I'll include an easel design that i've got that uses less pipe and fittings and looks much better when it's done. i've been spending the last little while scouring the internet for what's already out there so we can move into the true innovations with the assurance that we are truly innovating here.

so i know this was posted a year ago but did you ever get to posting the other easel design?

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