News: Peruvian Causa - Layered Potato Salad Using PVC Mold

Peruvian Causa - Layered Potato Salad Using PVC Mold

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don't forget - if you've got a long, curved pipe, you can mold things like this into crazy shapes. you just have to get them to poop out of the pipe properly.

Really cool. Would be more expensive but for hot stuff you could get copper pipe. I don't think that would be a problem to cook in directly...but if worried about that you could line it with aluminum foil.

I'm having a hard time imagining how you would keep curved shapes without having a mold that broke apart.

I'm thinking that if the curve is constant and you poop the item out of the form carefully, it should come out beautifully. If the curve changes on the way to the outlet point, then the whole thing would probably just fall apart.

Ok. I can buy that. If whatever you put in it was pretty set when you pooped it out and the curve was constant then you're right. Hmmm....interesting.

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