News: Optics and Optimism - An Inventor In Okara

Optics and Optimism - An Inventor In Okara

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Nice. Somebody needs to make a how-to for this. I'd love to make one.

I made telescope a little smaller than this out of PVC, I grinded my own mirror too! I gave it to a friend though for his birthday. It was really cool! There are how tos everywhere, just search google- but there aren't any on this site.

Thanks. I'll take a look 'round Google. If it makes a good birthday gift, I'd bet it make a great Christmas gift... hmm...

Yeah, I'm huge into astronomy, I'd love to make a how-to, but I don't know on what... Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the telescope.

this is a pretty good how-to. i'm sure you've found one by now, but for anyone who just stumbles in...

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