News: The Leviathan - Huge PVC Sculpture

The Leviathan - Huge PVC Sculpture

Just when I thought I'd scoured the internet for every cool existing PVC project, this thing came up.

The Leviathan - Huge PVC Sculpture

There are also pictures from the inside of this thing.


  • You must have a strong stomach to image search (insert adjectives here) PVC with safesearch off.  There is some stuff that I wish I had never seen.

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i would love to have a house built off of this design. or something like it. it would kick the hell out of your standard square/rectangular housesplus you really wouldnt need a gutter you could even incorperate a system ironically out of pvc to remove excess rain water maybe into a large drum of sorts and use it as kind of an eco home

oh yeah.

on top of that, this is the kind of space you could go home to and freakin' RELAX.

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