News: I Hope This Doesn't Catch On...

I Hope This Doesn't Catch On...

A DIY car laptop mount that uses the cup holder... You think texting and driving is bad, wait until it's true multitasking and driving. Ouch.

I Hope This Doesn't Catch On...

I Hope This Doesn't Catch On...

The whole project cost around $30 bucks to make; schematics and loose instructions can be found here.

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That is epic! I am so doing this!

I will use it in the spare front seat though...

...and what happens in the event of a collision? This thing embeds itself in a rear seated occupant. Not such a great idea.

Great—another reason for me to hate other drivers. Only cops should have computers like this (seen here)—and only use them when stopped.

But it does look nice, I'll admit.

that's exactly what i thought when i first saw this. i do know one guy who has a laptop mount in between the front seats of his car, but he's a retired carpet installer, and his knees are completely ruined from the tool they use to kick the carpet into the edges. he only wants to get out of the car when he has to, so he keeps internet access nearby to validate any locations and appointments. aside from that, it's an unnecessary extravagance.

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