The Green House - Vertical Gardening Exterior Walls

The Green House - Vertical Gardening Exterior Walls

This is one concept that I would love to see sweep the urban world.  One thing that strikes me every time I visit a major city is how far away they are from anything that is truly alive.  Not only is the air dirty, but everyone must buy their produce from the grocery store.  If those trucks were to stop coming for any reason, most people, if not everyone, would die of starvation.  While this house is covered with ornamental plants, I would love to see this same concept applied to edible plants and covering every building in urban environments.

The air would be cleaner, and if this was widespread enough, the price of food would drop into the dirt.  Not only that, but because there would be less need for shipping produce, the price of gas would drop as well.  You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

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