News: The Art of Making a Custom Predator Call

The Art of Making a Custom Predator Call

Strange as it may seem to super urban people, certain animals, like coyotes, have high reproduction rates and can be a true menace to ranching.  Even in the county where I live, which is home to Colorado Springs, there is a $30 bounty on coyotes.  All you have to do is bring in both ears to the game warden, and you will be paid.

Barbaric as it sounds, when you're in an agricultural area, predator populations can grow to dangerous levels from the overabundance of fenced-in food.  This is kept in balance by killing them regularly to keep the populations in check.  While I don't personally go predator hunting, I respect its near necessity and its ingrained position in rural culture.

This article shows how to make your own call.  (It can also function as a DIY saxophone mouthpiece)

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