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I'd like to use this space to answer any questions you may have about the self-watering greenhouse concept, as well as take any new ideas you might have.  I want this option to be WIDE open to the public, and I'd like to know what other people are thinking.

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   So, we're gonna put up a small green house. The idea is to use a recycling irrigation system. My idea is this. According to information I learned from Florida and Louisiana Universites, you can produce viable aquaculture results with as small an area as eighteen feet in diameter and three and one half feet deep. Their math on expected yield from such modest setups supposes an expexted yield uf up to five hundred pounds of catfish or talapia fillets in the freezer per season. Here's what I'm getting at.

It's my intention to use the water from a small fish pond as the irrigation medium for a controlled hydroponic green house encompasing approxamately four-hundred and eighty square feet. ( 20 x 24 ) Using this method of irrigation, from all my studies, would indicate demonstrataby positive affects in both yield and health of both agricultural products but for the aquaculture as well.

What this means to me

 is, potetentially, within a season or two, we should be able to produce an abundance of healthy vegetables year round. While at the same time, almost as a byproduct, produce a healthy surplus of protein. All within a foot print of thirteen hundred to fifteen hundred square feet. The entire idea seemed far fetched to me until I actually started studying variuos Universities aquaculture studies. Add to this that there are large scale operations using this type of setup, so, I figure it's probably worth a shot, huh?

Imagine having most of our food right in our backyard and still have enough yard left for a small garden and room to enjoy the yard. Imagine giving fresh veggies to your neighbors on a regular basis. Imagine the fresh fish for dinner and the simple things we're able to do.

    My beginning goal was garden plus greenhouse should equal vegetables needed for a family of four to five for a year. Now we're at a point of actually acquiring materials and plotting footprints. By my way of thinking, and here's where my actual question lies, we should actually be able to produce in excess uf what we would be able to consume. Givin the minimum dimensions stated, combined with an intelligent hydroponic layout and minimum pond dimensions and yield, my original goal is exceeded!?!? Correct!?!?

Our actual layout includes a 24 x20 greenhouse next to a 24 x 20 pond with an average depth of 5 feet. This dimensional choice made the purchase of the pond liner much more economical. A small utility/storage shed will sit adjacent to them both. That's the total approximate footprint and impact.

    What do you think? Way do-able?   

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