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I'd like to use this space to talk about PVC furniture projects.  It's not a huge area of interest to me personally, but I have seen some beautiful designs, and I'd like to host a meeting place for PVC Furniture Designers.

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I dig PVC furniture, but only for outdoor patios, since PVC doesn't rust or corrode. It's kind of an eyesore indoors. I'm thinking of making some at home eventually, for outside, but does anyone know if I can use regular schedule 40 from Lowes, or do I need "furniture grade" stuff. What's the difference?

you definitely can use regular schedule 40 from your hardware store.  "furniture grade" is just regular schedule 40 PVC that has no imprinting on the side and a glossier finish.  honestly, regular schedule 40 is better because it's not so glossy, so it takes less prep for it to actually hold paint.  also, there is a cool tutorial here that shows you how to stain PVC any color you like.  The trick on that tutorial pretty much takes care of your coloring needs, and with it, the "furniture grade" stuff is pretty much for suckers.

Thanks. It's good to know that regular sch 40 works. Now I can just get it from Lowes or Home Depot instead of worrying about something that says furniture grade on it. And the staining process looks pretty simple. The text on the side of the pipe won't show up, will it?

one other thing:  once you start bending pvc, you have the ability to make furniture that has indoor elegance as well as patio convenience.

this table, though still a work in progress, is one example of pvc furniture that has indoor dignity as well as outdoor.

this is the bottom of a coat rack that does very well indoors.  i don't have it any more, but i'll try to dig out a picture of the full thing after it was completed.  you definitely have some options, and the world of bending opens them up wide.

Fresh designs and unique styles are new life into your home.Adam,i never seen this before you share here.Nice one!I also have one this type of nice work,i sure will must be next time post here.

Had to add this.  It's the 4-element table.  This was a lot of fun to build.  Try making even angles when every piece is curved.  Not fun.  I wish I had a picture of it when it's finished.  I know I can probably get one from the guy who has it, and when I get it, I'll put it here.

Also, check out these plant stands.  They're not quite furniture, but that's about the only category I know to put them in.

I'd really like to see what other people are doing.  I know that there's a lot of plans out there, and I like to promote them to get people's creative juices flowing, but once you've succeeded a few times, you own creations can be a lot more interesting.

And thanks for giving some indoor examples. Pretty cool, but I think I'll stick with outdoors. Do you know if there's any weight issues with PVC furniture, like how much (average) a PVC chair will hold in pounds?

Question 1: will the text on the pipe show through?

answer:  no.  M.E.K., Acetone, pvc cleaner and pvc primer will all take the writing right off of the pipe.  since that's what you're using for the dye process, it will rub the letters right away.  if you want to remove the letters before you get started, just make sure to pour your solvent into a rag instead of using the brush that comes with it.  if you use the brush, the ink will eventually stain your solvent, and that will get all over the pipes you're working with.

Question 2: how much will it hold?

answer:  that depends on a lot of things.  the more pipe you use in construction, the stronger your furniture will be.  also, the angle that your legs sit at has a lot to do with it.  the basic rule is, the heavier the load, the heavier the build.  i weigh over 200 pounds, so any furniture i make for myself must bear that load.  i just use either thicker gauges of pipe or more pipes to hold the load.  just figure that if you're a heavyweight, you don't want to use half inch pipe unless you use a lot of it.  it's better to go with 3/4" out to 1 1/4" to be safe. 

PVC will bend before it breaks, though, so you most likely won't snap your stuff, you'll just sag to the ground.

Great. That's good to know. I was worried about the text. But I guess I was even more worried about the strength. Looks like I might try out 1 inch first. Thanks alot for the info.

I see this images its nice. Actually i am looking furniture for my big room i like Japanese room dividers to partition the room. Many people now used room dividers. Its gives new look.

All the designs are of very unique styles. I must say, very nice work.

Agree with this view: once you start bending pvc, you have the ability to make furniture that has indoor elegance as well as patio convenience.

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