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Have you started to add bends to your work yet?

What are you using?  Cold Bends? Springs? Heat Guns? Torches? Blankets? I.R. Boxes?  Internal Pipe Heaters?

This is the place for questions and answers regarding bending PVC Pipes and Sheets.

I do a lot of this, so if you have any questions, I have answers.

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I just want to kick this off with a picture of 2" pipe getting bent!  It's amazing what a little evenly-applied heat will do.

This down here is known as the 4 element table.  Capped, painted and with a polycarbonate top, this thing is awesome.  I don't have it anymore, but I'll try to dig out a picture.

It's amazing what a bend can do to an ordinary pipe.

This is one example of a crazy 3d jig.  This is part of a three-legged helix table.  In the future, I'm going to try to take more pictures of the stuff that I make.  I started this world right after a crazy creative burst, but almost all of the stuff is gone, and I don't have nearly as many pictures as I should.  (which is a sad truth of my entire professional life.  ouch)

I used to mess around wit RMC back in the day, building stuff like chairs and coffee tables but that was back in the day when i used to be in construction and had all the tools and benders available. Man I loved that hydraulic bender. Took soem real precision to get right. But I could never make anything like a helix table. Metals not as a bendable as PVC. I think I have some PVC lying around the house. Think I might pull it out soon, see what I can do. Good stuff here.

Give it a shot, man.  All you need is a good source of heat.  Make sure not to overheat the pipe, though.  If you see browning and smell a funny smell, you are releasing (and inhaling) hydrochloric acid and dioxin.  Make sure not to get it too hot, I can't say that enough.

It's really cool, though.  When you get it hot enough, It's like a cooked spaghetti noodle, and from there, it's up to you.  If you're making something that needs duplicate parts, make sure you set forms first.  It's similar to concrete in that respect -  if you don't have a form, it's a pain to get exactly what you want from it.

If you don't need duplicate parts, though, it is FUN to play with.

Time to start playin then. Thanks man.

I used Internal Pipe Heaters,for this purposes.Just like mostly for building stuff like chairs and coffee tables.

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